Posted 02 August 2013

An Introduction to ResponseTap’s API

An Introduction to ResponseTap's API

One of the new features available as part of ResponseTap’s call tracking technology is the introduction of an API; Application Programmer Interface. The API allows developers to make use of our technology in applications they are themselves designing, to include our number provisioning, call features and reporting capabilities. It will remain just as easy to extract data and integrate reporting, but will open up the platform to the developer community and any businesses that wish to tightly integrate our system with their call centre and marketing operations.

An example of API use would be a directory site that manages a high number of advertisers who want to control telephone tracking numbers and placeholders in their directory management systems. The directory developers would be able to use our API to provision telephone numbers and placeholders directly when adding new directory clients. In addition, real time customer insight such as keywords and page views can be integrated directly into their platform, enhancing the customer experience.

Our API is a flexible REST implementation that can use JsON or XML, we also have example code for our customers to experiment with written in PHP and Java. We have already rolled out our new API across some of the core management services such as placeholders, websites and single numbers, and we will be exposing more and more services in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about our call tracking service and how our new API can be used to improve applications you might be developing, either contact your business development manager, talk to our sales department on 0800 077 3535, or request a demo.

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