Posted 01 September 2008

AdInsight Now Tracks Sales and Identifies True Leads

AdInsight Now Tracks Sales and Identifies True Leads

The next generation of AdInsight is here. Feedback we received from our beta testers showed that although purely counting the calls received from different advertising initiatives was beneficial, it does not always show the most accurate data.

Part of the problem is that businesses trying to sell you their products also see your advertisements and call the tracking numbers. This then skews your advertising performance data with irrelevant calls. To combat this problem we have improved AdInsight so that ‘true’ leads and sales can be recorded for every telephone call received. We have made this possible using one of two methods:

  • Press 1 to record a lead. (If the call was a genuine enquiry)
  • Press 2 to record a sale. (If you made a sale over the phone)
    • Enter the sale value followed by a #.
  • Just hang-up in all other situations.

This information is then stored and graphically displayed on the AdInsight dashboard like so:

Alternatively, if you already have a client requisition manager (CRM), we can integrate it into AdInsight. This method does not allow for real time reporting, but can be a simpler option for larger businesses. AdInsight will then request the relevant information from your CRM and tie it into the call tracking data.

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