Posted 04 May 2011

AdInsight Makes it onto the Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100 List

AdInsight Makes it onto the Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100 List

AdInsight has made it onto the top 100 list of the most promising technology start-ups in Europe. The Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100 is an attempt to create the most authoritative and trustworthy ranking of the 100 most promising technology start-ups in Europe.

Over the past few months, entrepreneurs from all over Europe have been submitting their companies to be scrutinised by an expert panel of judges. Now that all of the applications have been reviewed and scored, the 100 most promising companies have been named and shortlisted on the Telegraph’s website.

The winners will be announced at an award ceremony in central London on April 12, 2011; these will include those companies voted best in their category and the overall most promising company.

AdInsight entered using its flagship product AdInsight Clarity which was launched in September 2010. AdInsight Clarity is a phone call tracking software which links telephone calls to the exact website visitor who is calling, allowing businesses to understand how effective their online marketing is at driving offline conversions. It reports on the full visitor journey, including what they did before, during and after the phone call, how they found the website and the search phrases they use.

AdInsight was also the first UK company to integrate call tracking technology with Google Analytics and Adwords, allowing businesses to see their offline phone call data alongside their existing online reports.

Ross Fobian, director, AdInsight comments: “We’re very excited to be recognised in this way as one of the top 100 technology start-up companies in Europe. We began operating at the end of 2008 and we’ve never looked back.

“Our product is innovative because it uniquely identifies which website visitors are picking up the phone to call a business – helping them to identify which online marketing was worth the investment.

“AdInsight Clarity is a must-have solution for any business whose primary goal is to make the phone ring. Some of our clients have managed to reduce their cost per lead by as much as 80% by simply using the data provided to optimise their marketing campaigns. This level of positive impact is outstanding and can completely transform a business.”

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