Posted 23 February 2009

ResponseTap, formally AdInsight, Launches Call Tracking Solution for the Franchise Market

ResponseTap, formally AdInsight, Launches Call Tracking Solution for the Franchise Market

We have just launched a new version of our ResponseTap call tracking solution to target the franchise market.

Now, having built up a strong client base for the ResponseTap software since it was launched on the market last year, we are launching a bespoke call tracking solution which has been specifically developed for the franchise sector.

“Measuring the success of marketing is notoriously difficult,” explained Company Director, Ross Fobian. “You are spending money on marketing initiatives but how do you know which adverts are a waste of time and which ones are attracting customers and driving sales?

“We developed ResponseTap to solve that problem, providing a resource where companies can see exactly which adverts, both offline and online, are generating a worthwhile return on the money spent.”

One of the companies who successfully beta tested ResponseTap last year was a franchise company, which encouraged us to look at the different markets which could benefit from the ability to track advertising success.

“We found the requirements for a franchise company were slightly more complex than with the traditional business model,” said Ross.

“Most franchisors depend on their franchisees to provide feedback on the sales and marketing initiatives that worked for them and this information is then fed out to other franchisees across the entire network.

“By using ResponseTap the franchisor has an accurate report on how successful each franchisee’s marketing initiatives have been, without the need for direct feedback from these franchisees. This stops the risk of inaccurate data being fed back into the network and ensures future marketing can be optimised to get the best results. It also saves both the franchisor and franchisees valuable time as all this data is automatically collected and reported,” Ross concluded.

The deal also means each franchisee has access to call data on their own advertising campaigns while the franchisor has access to a global dashboard, providing information on all the franchisee’s campaigns, as well as an analysis of the overall performance across all franchisees.

Ideal for both offline (print media, radio, television, direct mail)  as well as online (Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and organic website search) marketing initiatives, ResponseTap’s call tracking solution tracks the response rates to adverts in real time – at just the click of a button a company can see which ad campaigns are working for them right now.

ResponseTap’s features also include in-depth detail on calls made by potential customers as a result of an advert, including caller ID, destination, time and date of call, call duration and missed call email notifications, which can be used to recapture lost leads.

ResponseTap can also be integrated into almost any existing web analytics platform, including Google Analytics, providing companies with detailed information on the success of their website in attracting and retaining customers.

For more information on ResponseTap’s call tracking solution for franchises please visit our franchise call tracking page or call us on 08449 10 90 20

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