Posted 24 May 2010

AdInsight launches beta version of next generation call tracking software

AdInsight launches beta version of next generation call tracking software

AdInsight, the UK’s leading phone call tracking provider, is launching a new software suite, AdInsight Clarity, which provides an in-depth analysis and measurement of telephone enquiries generated by individual visitors of online marketing campaigns.

The company is opening AdInsight Clarity to a select few businesses in June, with a full release expected in September 2010.

The new product is capable of tracking exactly which website visitor calls the business over the phone and provides information on how each telephone enquiry was generated. This includes pinpointing what channel and/or keyword prompted the call and how that visitor interacted with the website before, during and after they called.

Richard Hammett, co-director at AdInsight, explains: “Simply tracking which marketing channels are generating the most sales enquiries is useful, but being able to identify the exact advertisements and keywords within those channels is far more valuable in terms of refining your overall campaigns. “With online marketing becoming more competitive and expensive it is becoming crucial to have a complete and detailed picture of your marketing spend versus return.

“Our new AdInsight Clarity software is the first of its kind to give you this in-depth and accurate data at an entirely new level. It offers true visitor level call tracking capabilities, not just keyword level call tracking. This means that AdInsight Clarity will tell you exactly which visitor generated the telephone inquiry and, because we store all the visitor data, we can provide a wealth of information such as which keywords and traffic sources generate the most telephone sales enquires and conversions and whether the visitor came from paid or organic search or any other channels.

“We are extremely proud of AdInsight Clarity. Having worked in the marketing industry for a number of years, we know the potential of software like ours to provide profound insights and substantial profit gains.

“In-depth and accurate call tracking such as AdInsight Clarity will now become an essential tool for any successful marketing team.”

Based at Manchester Science Parks’, AdInsight has already experienced success with its original tracking package, winning Best Newcomer at the Big Chip awards in 2009. Company directors, Ross Fobian and Richard Hammett were also selected as finalists for the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009.

Pre-registration is now open for any business keen to start using this new technology.

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