Posted 10 November 2008

AdInsight Can Now Fully Integrate With Your Website

AdInsight Can Now Fully Integrate With Your Website

Many of our existing clients and prospective have asked if they can change the telephone numbers displayed on their websites based on where the visitor has come from. They wanted to do this so they could track which online and offline media sources were driving more sales.

We previously offered this service, but the integration and setup procedures were complex and required advanced knowledge every time you wanted to add an additional number.

Due to the great success of this service, we focused our efforts on reducing the complexity in setting up and managing such a system. The result is a small scrip which you place in your website code where your phone number would normally preside. This scrip then speaks to AdInsight and displays a telephone number based on rules you set in the AdInsight control panel.

If you don’t know how or where to add this scrip to your website, don’t despair, you can ask your web developer or we can integrate it for you.

You can track almost any media source and change the telephone numbers displayed on your website using this system, including:

  • Organic search results (SEO) from the largest search engines.
  • Paid Search (PPC) across all providers.
  • Website banners and rich media.
  • Emails and newsletters.
  • Newspapers, magazines, trade journals and all other print media.
  • Television, radio and all other broadcast media.
  • Direct mail.
  • Yellow pages.
  • And anywhere else you advertise your website address.

If you are interested in this service and require less than one hundred 0844 tracking numbers you can simply signup online and your account and phone numbers will be setup instantly, so you can start tracking your advertising campaigns right away.

If you require more than 100 numbers or would like alternative tracking numbers, like local numbers or free phone numbers, please call us on 08449 10 90 20 and we will get you setup as soon as possible.

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