Posted 05 November 2012

AdInsight Announces Company Rebranding To ResponseTap, Aligning the Business Expansion Strategy with Its Brand Identity

AdInsight Announces Company Rebranding To ResponseTap, Aligning the Business Expansion Strategy with Its Brand Identity

AdInsight, the UK’s leading provider of call tracking and call analytics services, announced today that it is rebranding the company.

The new name ResponseTap, was developed to reflect the positioning of the company going forward, it’s focus on the development of its product portfolio and its commitment to innovation and continuous growth.

The new identity has been designed to embody the company mission:
ResponseTap’s mission is to deliver innovative voice-centric marketing technology, which enables business to maximize their success. We provide elegant user friendly solutions, supported by a consultative approach and excellent service.

Going forward the new identity will be rolled out across all collateral and will include a new website, brochures etc.

Commenting on the rebranding, Ross Fobian, CEO and co-founder, explains:
“The last 18 months have been very successful for us, both in terms of business growth and product development. Earlier this year the company received £1.6M Series A investment which enabled us to increase the number of people in our team by over 100% so far and we are still growing. This resulted in the opening of our new London office last month and has accelerated our international expansion plans.

He added:
“The company and technology is evolving to such a degree, we no longer feel that the name AdInsight accurately reflects who we are and what we are striving to achieve. After much careful deliberation the company has chosen the new name ResponseTap to reflect these developments.”

Co-founder Richard Hamnett added:
“As we continue to drive business growth in the UK and internationally this name change better aligns our brand identity with our business strategy and future plans. It gives us a fresh vibrant look that highlights many of the values of the business.”

About ResponseTap

ResponseTap is the UK leading voice-centric marketing technology, which offers a range of call analytics services. Since 2008, ResponseTap has released several versions of its pioneering visitor level call tracking service to target traditional and online media agencies, publications, directory companies, direct mailers and larger businesses.

ResponseTap provides the most advanced call tracking service yet, going beyond keyword level in order to report on every website visitor who calls your business. ResponseTap technology has been described by Econsultancy as “a brilliant way of tracking users over their customer lifetime” and is used by well-known brands in the UK including RAC, TUI Travel, Thomas Cook and British Gas.

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