Posted 25 October 2013

Acquisio launches it’s Call Tracking Program

Acquisio launches it's Call Tracking Program

Award-winning performance media platform Acquisio have announced the launch of the Acquisio Call Tracking Program.  This is a technology partnership program designed to help SEM agencies, resellers and Channel Partners track, report and optimise PPC campaign performance based on the phone calls generated.

Keith Meagher, Director of Business Solutions at Acquisio said, “Acquisio has created a proprietary method to exchange data with third party platforms in a secure, reliable and scalable way.  This was the foundation for the Acquisio Call Tracking Program, and it also supports a significant number of other integrations with third parties such as CRM, ERP, Web Analytics, DSPs and Ad Servers.”

Acquisio will be using a number of call tracking suppliers, ResponseTap amongst them.  Our CEO Ross Fobian said “In the US, over 60% of businesses consider phone calls their highest quality lead source, with some $70b spent on media and search to make the phone ring. By integrating our call tracking solution with the Acquisio platform, our clients are able to tell precisely what PPC campaigns are driving phone calls, enabling budgets to be spent more effectively.”

Acquisio is just one of our many technology partners.  For more information on the integrations we offer click here.

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