Posted 31 August 2012

8 Secrets About PPC Advertising

8 Secrets About PPC Advertising

PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising is the adverts on search engines or websites that you only pay for when someone actually clicks onto it to go to your website. It needs to be monitored carefully to check that the money being spent delivers sales. Call Tracking allows you to monitor offline calls which come from PPC ads, and here’s how you can use it to build your business and save you money.

You can lower costs by reducing your bid on keywords that don’t result in sales. Call tracking software allows you to see which keyword your customer searched for to get to your site. If people are searching one particular word or phrase, clicking on your PPC advert and calling you but not buying, the keyword might not be as relevant to your business as you had thought. Don’t forget, every time someone clicks on your PPC advert and calls you only to find your business is not what they are looking for, you are wasting money.

You can get your business more customers by increasing your bid on keywords that do result in sales. If your call tracking solution is showing that a majority of your sales are from people clicking your PPC advert after searching for one particular phrase, be prepared to spend more to ensure that your ad appears in a prominent position so that people will see your advert when they search that phrase.

You can ensure that all calls are dealt with. If you have paid for someone to visit your site through the advert only for them not to get through, you are throwing money away. Using the call tracking software you can monitor how many ‘missed’ calls there are, find out why and put in place an appropriate response. Are you understaffed at certain times? You can also find out when you’ve missed a call by receiving an email alert stating that you have missed a call. The email gives you the number of the phone that rang you, enabling you to call them back, minimising any potential lost business.

You can make sure that every sale is being accredited to the correct marketing method. If someone originally found you on an organic search, but they forgot your business name or website address, used a search engine to find you again and clicked your PPC advert instead this time, using a call tracking service you can see the visitor’s full history and credit the sale to your SEO marketing as well as your PPC. This allows you to see which marketing campaigns are resulting in the most sales.

You can identify the true value of PPC campaigns. For example, a useful report for a travel company might be the Keyword Report, which would enable them to see which keywords were generating phone calls. Generic keywords such as “Cheap Holidays,” previously thought to be low-converting and ineffective might actually be generating valuable telephone calls and offline sales.

You can compare your PPC campaign to your other campaigns using data gathered about your call volumes and using your conversion attribution reports. This will show you whether your PPC campaign is resulting in actual sales or just calls.

Call tracking software integrates with other marketing analytic tools such as Google Analytics and CRMs, allowing you to build up a holistic picture of your PPC campaign’s results.

It’s not that expensive! Good quality PPC call tracking software such as ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight) is scalable, which means whether you are a small or multinational company, PPC call tracking is affordable to you.

PPC call tracking means you can improve your marketing ROI and marketing planning using data obtained with minimum effort on your part without having to bother your customers by asking for feedback. By saving you money long term, PPC call tracking is an investment well worth making.

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