Posted 03 May 2011

5 Things You Should Make Sure Your Visitor Level Call Tracking Solution Can Do

Call Tracking

Now that most of us are back in the office after two consecutive long weekends, it’s time to get our thinking caps on again! We’ll keep it brief; how about 5 quick pointers on what your visitor level call tracking solution should incorporate?

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  1. Lookout for hidden costs; some providers skirt around the cost per minute, which is almost always applicable with call tracking. This can add up very quickly in many situations, especially if you have an active call centre!
  2. Make sure they are assigning all the tracking numbers to your business and not sharing the tracking numbers across different businesses. If numbers are shared you run the risk that a customer calls a number that is now connected to someone else.
  3. Make sure they track the visitor for the entire time they are on the website not just for a set period of time. Solutions that require you to set an arbitrary time, like 15 minutes, to keep the tracking number active cannot track every visitor accurately as it will lose track of visitors who spend more time on your website.
  4. Make sure they use an asynchronous loading JavaScript. If they don’t and their system goes down your entire website will go down with it.
  5. Be careful with solutions that offer to only track certain channels, like Adwords. This might seem like a good idea but you risk losing valuable data if this is not setup correctly. Additionally you will not be able to track visitors across multiple touch points.

There are plenty more reasons to invest in the right call tracking service – why not give us a ring today to find out more?

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