Posted 19 April 2013

4 Reasons Why a Business Should Have a Phone Number on their Website

4 Reasons Why a Business Should Have a Phone Number on their Website

With the rise of the Internet, more and more businesses are ensuring that they have a prominent online presence, including websites, social media and the ability to contact the business through an online form or email.

Whilst a lot of people prefer contacting businesses in this way, there are still many people that like to talk person to person. Here are four reasons you should definitely put a telephone number on your website:

  • Including a phone number gives you another potential source of income by enabling a customer to buy via the telephone. Whilst research from the Kelsey Group shows that 97% of people with internet access carry out at least some online research into products or services they need to buy, the Online Sales Forecast showed that 22% of people would still never buy online. By offering people the opportunity to buy via phone you can offer those that would never buy online a way to buy remotely.
  • The presence of a phone number establishes credibility. It gives website visitors a physical point of contact as well as an online point of contact. Those with any misgivings about a company or website will be more likely to be reassured by a real person on the other end of the phone.
  • A phone number as a point of contact can improve customer experience. A recent study showed that 83% of all consumers needed some assistance before completing an online purchase, and whether it’s help with the buying process or questions about the product or service they want answered in person, a phone number means they can ask a business representative straight away and progress to the next stage of buying.
  • Phone interaction can help a business identify problems within a website. By using technology such as call tracking, a business can see which pages people are on when they call, identify patterns and trends, and use call recordings to see what the issues have been on those pages of the website. A business website can then be adapted to be more user friendly or include the information that people have been asking for.

The advantages of including a phone number on a website far outweigh the disadvantage of having someone to answer the phone. A business can further establish itself as a credible company with a human presence and gives them a multichannel approach to sales.

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